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What is ICE Network? The hottest guide to mine coins for free at the moment

What is ICE Network?

ICE Network is the latest type of digital currency that you can mine for free using your mobile phone. The ICE projects have been envisioned to instill trust in digital assets and create a true sense of community for users who may lack the financial resources to mine Bitcoin or simply find it too late to join the game.

The type of digital currency you can mine on your phone:

  • Free mining on your phone
  • No resource or battery consumption
  • Decentralized network
  • Available on both Android and iOS
  • Ice mining is free.

All you need is an invitation from a current trustworthy member of the network. With an invitation, you can download the mobile app below. Mining is so easy that even your grandfather can do it!

Guide to Registering an Account on for Mining ICE Network Digital Currency

To mine the ICE Network, you need an invitation code to complete the registration. When using an invitation code, you will receive an instant reward of 10 ICE and a 25% increase in mining speed.

My invitation code: dtvspro10

Registration link: Here

After clicking on the registration link, you will see the interface as shown below. Copy the invitation code for quick entry into the app later. Tap on the respective Google Play (Android) or App Store (IOS) icons to download the app, then install and open the app to complete the registration.

To register, simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the app; it’s very straightforward.

Afterward, you only need to access it once a day for mining (takes less than 5 seconds). To increase the mining speed, you can invite others to join your group using your invitation code, and in return, your mining speed will be boosted.

At the moment, ICE Network is in Phase 1, allowing us to mine completely for free. Therefore, let’s make an effort to mine and accumulate as much as possible during this phase. In Phase 2, ICE Network will be listed and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. At that time, you’ll know how to use the ICE you’ve earned =))

Good luck to all of you!

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